I am an Audie Award winning narrator working in a variety of genres with over 200 audiobooks recorded for a variety of publishers. I especially enjoy sci-fi and multi-cast productions. I record from either my home booth or at a producer's studio. My wife is also a narrator and we've recorded over 50 dual-cast audiobooks together.

Here are some samples from books I've narrated.

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NON-FICTION'Circular Economy'
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YOUNG ADULT'Following'
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MYSTERY'Roar Back'
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NON-FICTION'John Lardner...'
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ROMANCE'Wrapped in Love'
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"Tantor Audio’s fabulous. The narrator, Gabriel Vaughan, is required to be quite versatile with accents and cadence due to all of the different styles of stories. He added a lot of humor with his performance. Just fabulous."

Gabriel Vaughan becomes each [character] making the story easy to follow. The emotions are palpable and the narration is fluid. Gabriel Vaughan does a good job at holding your attention without letting go.” 

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This is my demo of multi-cast narration work. All productions were recorded at Audible Studios.


Play order and credits: The Flying Flamingo Sisters by Carrie Seim, Camp Red Moon by R.L. Stine, Rivals! 2 by Scott McCormick with other narration by Ramon De Ocampo, The Shadow: Partners of Peril by Maxwell Grant, Archangel by William Gibson and Michael St. John Smith with other narration by Victor Bevine and Elizabeth Jasicki, Starship Pandora by B.V. Larson with other narration by Marc Vietor, 30 Days of Night by Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith and R.S. Belcher (adaptation) with other narration by Ellen Archer and Jennifer Van Dyck.

With main narration by Dakota Fanning, I voice several supporting characters along with a full cast in the audiobook production of Chosen Ones by best selling author Veronica Roth (The Divergent Series).

From Audible, narrated by Dakota Fanning, Veronica Roth, Amy McFadden, Richard Ferrone, L.J. Ganser, Natasha Soudek, Gabriel Vaughan, Flynn Earl Jones, Victor Bevine, Carly Robbins, Robin Miles, Kyla Garcia Isabel Keating, Emily Bauer, Vikas Adam, Edoardo Ballerini, Kevin T. Collins and David Shih. Produced and Directed by Chelsea Pita.

My Commercial VO Demo


Gabriel Vaughan - VO Demo

I recorded these animation voice-overs for the ACX blog.